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Es Westmoreland

Wisdom Builds a Family

Through wisdom is a house built, and by understanding it is established:

And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Proverbs 24:3-4 KJV


About Es Westmoreland

Raised in a rural community in Michigan, life was simple and protected. Upon high school graduation, Es moved to a nearby "big city" and attended Business School. Coming from a meager background, she financed her schooling herself by working full time as a Nurse's Aide.


Married to a career Army husband, they moved many times while raising four children. She learned first-hand the importance of financial stability. Over the years, she has learned many strategies concerning finances, raising children and moving.


Her desire is to pass along solid information to help young families navigate the troubled waters today. With knowledge and planning, you too can totally enjoy the journey.

Knowledge From My Experiences for Your Family


Do you find yourself under more debt than you can deal with? Or is your income scarcely adequate to cover your bills? Do you keep promising to change how you spend money, but don't know how?


Wherever you are financially, God wants to provide for you. Let author Es Westmoreland show you. With scripture after scripture, she shows you exactly what the Bible says about finances, giving, and divine provision.


Whether you are struggling with seemingly insurmountable debts or simply trying to get out from under school loans, Freedom from Debt gives you the tools you need to build a strong financial foundation.


Learn how to: Create and manage a sustainable savings account; Create a monthly budget that accounts for bills, entertainment, and giving; Successfully manage multiple debts; Encourage better spending habits and manage wayward expenses; And much more!

RAISING ROYALTY- Suggestions for Bringing up Strong, Godly Children

Raising children has never been easy and requires long term commitment to a seemingly thankless job. Armed with biblical information, this book will give you help in directing your children in the way they should go.


"Training for reigning", a popular statement, really covers the truth. In Christ, God has made us royalty and as such, desires us to be his ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. Because we are royalty, God directs our path in sometimes unusual situations wherein we need to know how to act. You will be doing your children a favor in preparing them for their wonderful future. They will learn "royal" behavior and still have a great life.


The Bible Scriptures will help parents learn the guidelines not only to instruct your growing family but also to enjoy each one.


This book will give you simple suggestions to implement to help them grow straight and strong. Although things will never be perfect, you can say "a job well done" when they are older and bless you for your strong , loving teachings.



SO YOU'RE MOVING!- Easy-to-Follow Instruction to Take You Home

Having made about 50 combined moves by my husband and I, this book will be a guide for young professionals facing life's challenges while they are still "green".


Packed with "How-To" information on selling a house, packing, necessary documents, renting, or buying a house,  Es Westmoreland will help you navigate through the jungle of relocating.


Because each move is difficult at best, this book covers the basics from deciding to sell your home to finally being settled in a new location.  Hopefully you will find what you need to proceed in peace and keep your sanity.


This book invites you into the nuts and bolts of a move and how to avoid some of the things that can go wrong.  Have fun, stay organized, and enjoy the excitement of a new chapter in your life.


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Suggestions for Bringing up Strong, Godly Children


Easy-to-Follow Instruction to Take You Home


A Simple Guide