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By Es Westmoreland
Feb 15, 2021
Category: recipes

I have tried tons of biscuit recipes but none were ever just right.  Several years ago, I bought Tupperware's plastic pastry sheet and have only used it to wrap my rolling pin.  There in the upper corner was a very simple biscuit recipe.  I thought I would try just one more.  To my surprise, it is the right one (for me.)


Preheat oven to 450

2 cups sifted flour

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup butter (or shortening)

1 cup milk

Stir... Continue reading

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MY TWO CENTS on salty foods

By Es Westmoreland
Oct 09, 2020
Category: recipes

So many foods have too much salt, especially if you are watching your intake but still want to enjoy lunch meats, pepperoni and hot dogs. My solution (at least to cut some of the salt, preservatives, or fat) is to put some in a bowl with water covering and microwave for a minute + or -. Pour off the water and even blot dry if necessary. There is still lots of flavor left but some of the "offenders" have been released. Also, if something is too salty, you can put it in a strainer and run water through it (of course not with everything.)... Continue reading

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MY TWO CENTS about used dryer sheets

By Es Westmoreland
Sep 22, 2020
Category: recipes
Even when you clean the sink, you can feel some gunk build up. I like used dryer sheets . They have just enough "grit" to make them shine. Continue reading
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MY TWO CENTS about the Lost

By Es Westmoreland
Sep 02, 2020
Category: Christianity

 As Christians, we all pray for God's blessings, over our food, for our families, and direction for our lives.  Many times, God will catch you unaware and remind you about the condition of the Lost - those who either don't know about Jesus, or don't care.  The only time they mention Hell is when they are swearing or joking, but have no knowledge of their future without Christ.  When you bring Salvation up, they just scoff or say something smart.  Everything on earth becomes nothing when you think ab... Continue reading

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MY TWO CENTS about itching eyes

By Es Westmoreland
Sep 01, 2020
Category: Family
Allergy season is here and itching eyes are common.  By rubbing your eyes often, you irritate the tender skin around the eyes.  My solution is to barely touch vaseline and rub it across your closed eyes right at the lash line.  It seems to sooth and heal the discomfort.  I also do this when I'm flying as the air vents cause irritation. Continue reading


By Es Westmoreland
Aug 28, 2020
Category: Christianity
Many people, new to the Bible, begin reading in Genesis and quickly think that it doesn't make sense.  Great place to starti is in the book of John and really get to know Jesus and God's plan for salvation for all mankind.  You will find that the Bible seems to be all mixed up.  God invites you to find His hidden treasure in the Word of God.  InI Samuel 17 in the Old Testament, be there with David as he defeats Goliath;  In the book of Esther, rejoice with Queen Esther saving her people, the Jews;  In the book of D... Continue reading


By Es Westmoreland
Aug 11, 2020
Category: recipes

Several years ago, we visited friends in Japan.  The Japanese wife served absolutely delicious Fried Rice.  She gave me the recipe and I thought you might like it too.  It's very easy and flavorful.  Es

In fry pan, scramble together and cook about 1 minute

   2 T. butter

   1 T. cooking oil

   1 large egg

Add in

   2 c. cooked rice

   1 c. chopped onion

   1/2 c. cooked meat of your choice (chicken, bacon, h... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
Aug 03, 2020
Category: Christianity

 I have been saved for many years and have read the Bible many times.  I always sort of skipped over Matthew 28: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel.."  In Ephesians 6, I was also puzzled about "my feet shod with the Gospel of peace.."  God also said in Matthew 9:38, "pray ye the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers into His harvest..."  One day I realized that I didn't know the Gospel.  I figured that if I talked to someone about Jesus for three days, somewhere in there I would h... Continue reading

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Selling your home from SO YOU'RE MOVING! amazon

By Es Westmoreland
Jun 11, 2020
Category: Housekeeping

Although some purchasers are looking for a bargain fixer-upper, most people are looking for a home they can move into and just plug in the coffee pot.  A checked-off recent home inspection report assures them that they need look no further.

Take the time to go through your belongings and put everything into the rooms that they are supposed to be in.  If your dining room has been redesigned as a kids play area, move the toys and restore... Continue reading

Tags: #moving #family #sellingyourhome

Letter to my Grandchildren

By Es Westmoreland
May 20, 2020
Category: Christianity

Letter to my Grandchildren:

I asked JESUS into my heart when I was 9 years old and began reading the Bible.  I have pretty much read it every day since then.  It is a wonderful book, but it always seemed that it was mixed up.  It made sense, but the time line was confusing.  Was Noah and the Ark  before Joshua and the Battle of Jericho or after?  Over the years, I discovered that God has told us in
 II Timothy 2:15 to “Study to show thyself approved unto God,... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
May 18, 2020
Category: Christianity
Have you ever told yourself that it's ok to be late for church because they are just singing and I'll be on time for the preaching anyway?  Psalms 22:3  shows our God's heart, "I will inhabit the praises of My people."   It's the special time to turn off the world and breathe in the presence of God to not only praise and worship your Savior but to hear His voice directly to you.  Our praise and worship leader, Calvin, gave the best understanding of this time set aside to  minister to the Lord. and it is posted on o... Continue reading


By Es Westmoreland
May 08, 2020
Category: Christianity


So many things are hidden in plain sight.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, it takes time to put things together in the Bible.  I went on a hunt for the names of God and here is my list so far.  If you have some too, please add.  Have fun finding the Bible verse.  God bless you.

Almighty God
Creator of Heaven and Earth
Prince of Peace
Lord Jesus Christ
The Holy Spirit
The Vine
Darling of H... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
Apr 13, 2020
Category: recipes
If you will go to August 27, 2015, you will find a really great 30 minute chili which tastes like you've been cooking it all day.  It's great for frito chile pie, regular chile with cheese and onions, or for chili dogs. Continue reading
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By Es Westmoreland
Apr 10, 2020
Category: Christianity

 Why do they call it GOOD Friday when it was such a horrible day for JESUS?  Years ago, I heard a sermon called, "What It Cost God to be God."  It explained that everything that JESUS bought for us was decided in the Garden.  Jesus was the sinless sacrificial Lamb for all of us, but as a man, he could still exercise his free will.  I thank Him forever as he said, "Not my will, but Thine."  He set His face to not only endure all of the beating, spitting, humiliation, hatred, and pain, but all of... Continue reading

Tags: #good Friday #Easter #religeon

RAISING ROYALTY - Train Up a Child

By Es Westmoreland
Apr 07, 2020
Category: Family

It is so much easier for a child to grow up with certain knowledge without having to start from scratch when they receive Jesus. I am humbled that you are
even reading this and I hope that it gives you some ideas in raising your own children.  I discovered long ago that the Bible seems to be written scrambled.  In reading eac... Continue reading

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RAISING ROYALTY - How things change

By Es Westmoreland
Apr 06, 2020
Category: Family

I feel like I’m straddling the generations at my age.  I had the wonderful experience of growing up in a small town that basically had no crime.  Although we were poor even by small-town standards, we could pack a mayonnaise

sandwich and go to the creek all day. We just had to be  home by the 6 o’clock whistle when dinner was served. If you missed it, it was your problem, not Mom’s.


Today we live in a world with seemingly no absolutes and not much t... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
Mar 27, 2020
Category: Family

In these days of the hassle of just getting groceries, I'm reminded of a special expression of God's faithfulness to me in His promises.  My husband was in the Army in Germany and we lived in a very small housing area with our four children who had lots of friends.  My daughter had Beth and Cynthia and one day she came in to ask if Beth could eat dinner with us that night.  Dinner was going to be very simple as I had bought 1# of hamburger and had already used half.  I said my usual, "Not tonight honey - perhaps another t... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
Feb 29, 2020
Category: Housekeeping

If you are selling your home, there are many considerations to think about to present your home in the best possible light and command the best price.  If possible, start your plan at least two to six months before your anticipated move.  Ask a great friend or professional to give you an honest impression of your home’s appearance including the placement of interior furnishings and make suggestions that will help you present your home in its best light.  At little or no cost, y... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
Feb 27, 2020
Category: Family

John and Charles Wesley's mother, Susanna, had 16 rules for raising children.   If you really want to see what teaching and training children looks like, research her life.    She raised 17 children -- some of whom we still give great honor as noble, contributing members of society and amazing world changers.  She was the spark that ignited these young, impressionable minds, but she was tough!


In many families, both parents work and that leaves a compressed tim... Continue reading

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By Es Westmoreland
Feb 24, 2020
Category: Finances

Freedom from Debt: A Simple Guide

As a Beginning
Plan Your Financial Work: Work Your Financial Plan
Budget: Facing Where My Money Went

Some Financial Strategies that Won’t Work

Reality: Bottom Line

The Truth about Credit Card Debt

 A Great Financial Strategy That Gets You out of Debt
 Some Financial Decisions You Must Make
 Control Spending by Balanced Billing27  Specialized Savings
&nbs... Continue reading
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